Friday, 22 June 2012

What's your IQ?

Another fun night. Memories to be remembered.

My day was really long. The thought of trying to survive the whole 24 hours was unimaginable. Although, I managed to survive.

I woke up at 5.45AM for work at the mother's factory. I have a love and hate relationship with rain and its gloominess. Whenever rain comes, I become sad. I didn't get off work till 3.15PM which was a total of eight long hours of work. Working at the factory for eight hours didn't seem too long. Time flies pretty quickly.

As soon as I got off work, Phillip picked me up and we travelled to Pancake Parlour in Doncaster. It was his first time at Pancake Parlour. I shouldn't be anymore surprised that he hasn't tried all of these places. We ordered Alice in Wonderland because we obtained an offer via Facebook which was 2 for 1. It was topped with hundreds of thousands and chocolate syrup. It was mad delicious!

Pre-drinking happened at K's. A bunch of gays showed up and that's when the awkward moment happened. Anyways, we only had Jim Beam. Disgusting whiskey but I managed to consume it despite the taste. After my first cup, I was already feeling it. I don't remember some of the things that I've said or done. We travelled to the club via a maxi cab. (I don't remember getting on though) It was nice to see some people that I knew there. Let's just say that it was a really enjoyable night, despite that I nearly got kicked out because the security saw me feeling really out of it but Phillip saved us!

Thanks to all the gays that made it enjoyable. xoxo

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