Friday, 22 June 2012

What's your IQ?

Another fun night. Memories to be remembered.

My day was really long. The thought of trying to survive the whole 24 hours was unimaginable. Although, I managed to survive.

I woke up at 5.45AM for work at the mother's factory. I have a love and hate relationship with rain and its gloominess. Whenever rain comes, I become sad. I didn't get off work till 3.15PM which was a total of eight long hours of work. Working at the factory for eight hours didn't seem too long. Time flies pretty quickly.

As soon as I got off work, Phillip picked me up and we travelled to Pancake Parlour in Doncaster. It was his first time at Pancake Parlour. I shouldn't be anymore surprised that he hasn't tried all of these places. We ordered Alice in Wonderland because we obtained an offer via Facebook which was 2 for 1. It was topped with hundreds of thousands and chocolate syrup. It was mad delicious!

Pre-drinking happened at K's. A bunch of gays showed up and that's when the awkward moment happened. Anyways, we only had Jim Beam. Disgusting whiskey but I managed to consume it despite the taste. After my first cup, I was already feeling it. I don't remember some of the things that I've said or done. We travelled to the club via a maxi cab. (I don't remember getting on though) It was nice to see some people that I knew there. Let's just say that it was a really enjoyable night, despite that I nearly got kicked out because the security saw me feeling really out of it but Phillip saved us!

Thanks to all the gays that made it enjoyable. xoxo

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

My body now aches

Yesterday's day started off with missing my bus. I really hate it when it happens. It wasn't my fault kind of. I blame it on the bus that came to my stop five minutes early. I stood in the freezing cold and patiently waited for the bus. As I got to the station, the train had left when I arrived to the train station. I was pretty unlucky. 

By the time I got to the city, I made my way to Starbucks. Briefly stayed there with Tony and Johnny. As usual, I ordered white chocolate mocha. I just love it.

When the clock struck 6PM, I followed my doppelgänger to the gym because he invited me to try out this Body Attack class at Fitness First. The impression that Tony gave made me feel nervous. I kept telling myself that I'll be fine. I don't think I was that bad. I just couldn't keep up with people which was so embarrassing. 40 minutes after the class commenced, I was finally at the point where I was going to faint. There was ten minutes till the end but I just couldn't do it anymore. My head felt really dizzy and in that short moment, I was getting blackouts. 

No more. xoxo

Saturday, 16 June 2012


Friday night/Saturday morning was a night of partying. The night started off with predrinking with Malaysian people. I don't know how much I drank but I was feeling so tipsy by the time we left. Jim Beam and Absolut were the drinks that we're consumed.

We made our way to The Bottom End where the Swagger event was held that occurs once a month. I don't really remember much of the night but I know that I didn't dance as much as I did when it was Nicki Minaj afterparty. Although it was a pretty fun fulfilling night partying with the gays and the lesbians.

Daily post won't be spoken about today because there's nothing to write about except the fact that K kept me company at Starbucks.


Friday, 15 June 2012

Bloodshot eyes

Like any other morning, I woke up with red eyes. I don't know what is wrong with it but it's always red. I had no more eye drops so I had to go to the chemist today and buy one. After that, my eyes felt relieved. Although my right eye was watery the whole day. 

Today was spent with Chris. Originally, the plan was to go to this cafe on Smith St because I bought this coupon. The funny story - once we got there, the cafe was not to be seen anywhere. It may have changed its name but I didn't want to go inside and embarrass myself and ask if the coupon was still valid. So then we ended up going to Umago for brunch which was close by. I had Eggs Benedict and Chris had some cherry pancake?

It was the first time having breakfast at Umago. Whenever I go to this place, pasta and pizza are the only ones that are always consumed. It was also my first time trying Eggs Benedict. I've gotta say it was really delicious! 

We made our to way to Chapel St, Prahran to go to Topman. I hate window shopping. I have money but I don't want to spend it. It just makes me sad that I really want something and I get sad because I couldn't buy it. We went to YoBar to get our $1 frozen yoghurt from a coupon.

Decided to go to the city afterwards. We both felt really tired on the way to the city so I decided to have coffee. I wanted to sit outside Starbucks but there were so many people sitting outside so we just resorted to San Churros. I ordered Madrid Mocha. I love it because it's so thick. Sounds wrong? Okay :( And then we practically spent two hours sitting there and talked about a bunch of random stuff.

The end. xoxo

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sleep deprived

Today was a very long day. I woke up around 5.45AM which was still a bit early. I tried to fall back to sleep but it was just so hard therefore I just closed my eyes, still half awake. When I woke up, I took a shower and had to leave the house so soon and that gave me no time to have breakfast. I knew my day was already going to be shit when I saw the first thing that popped up on my Facebook newsfeed.

By the time I got to work, my stomach was feeling empty so I went to a nearby bakery and bought a croissant. I was already tired and sleepy by the time I got to work so I was already in a really lazy mode. I spent three hours being the cashier and it was pretty easy. I rather do this job than stocking up items. Why won't they let me do that at the Reject Shop?! Afterwards I had to stock items up and that was the tiring part. 8 long hours later...

I knew I should have finished at 6PM. I got off and 5PM and made my way to the city because I wanted to see N and ended up waiting for like an hour and a half, just sitting by myself outside State library in the cold. Things already got shit. But whatever, I tell myself that I shouldn't care. I got to finally meet my doppelgänger. Not saying that we look alike but some people just say that we do. He's totally way cuter than me :( Enjoying mocha with the boys by staying silent most of the time because I wasn't in the mood and it was just better if I didn't talk and the fact that I was also really tired.

My grandma came into my room when I got home and said that she wanted to see my face because she hadn't seen me all day. How cute.

That is all for the night. xoxo

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lazy Tuesday

Good evening. Once again, I did not step foot outside of the house. Although a plan was made where I was supposed to hang with Johnny, Sandy and Tony or whatever. It never happened because someone got lazy and therefore got me lazy as well. 

So I barely did anything productive today except finishing off Eternal Summer, a Taiwanese movie that I was watching after I completed my daily entry from last night. I suppose it was an okay movie. I wouldn't say it is the best as there wasn't really any love occurring throughout the movie until the ending.

My friend Nhi told me that she'd come over today to drink. But in the end, she didn't end up coming because she is still in the west side. Gosh, people need to let me know if they're not going to come or whatever. It wasn't a big deal anyway. 

I continued with Games of Thrones followed by True Blood with their 5th season premiere! I'm excited that the series is back and looking forward to what this series is going to be all about. I hope it will be better than the last two previous seasons as they were pretty shit.

Lastly, I have to sleep early because I'm going to have a very early wake up call at 6.45am in order to get ready for my first day at my second temporary job at my father's shop on Chapel St. It's going to be a really long day and I'm already not looking forward to it because the pay is not decent at all. But, you know what? It's just for the experience. And also my plan for a breakfast/lunch with Chris was ruined because of this sudden shift that my father gave me that left me no other choice but to postpone it.  

It's time for an early night. I don't know if I'll fall asleep easily. xoxo

Fuck the Queen

Today (in this case yesterday, which is past midnight) like any other day, I always find myself to just lay in bed the moment I open my eyes. The very first thing I would tend to usually do, is to go on my Macbook and that is what happened this morning. 

I was talking to K on Facebook chat as we were both still lying in bed. I went to take my morning shower to feel refreshed from waking up and he surprising fell asleep. So I went to have a really late lunch which was around 3pm by then and there was a bowl of curry that my nearby neighbour made for us. It smelt really Indian but it was pretty nice. And not to also mention I also had crunchy pork along with the curry, which made my lunch more satisfying. While enjoying my lovely dinner, I continued watching 2 Broke Girls' season finale that I did not finish last night as I passed out. I just love 2 Broke Girls. I'm not a really comedy person but I've gotta say that this comedy series is like the best that is unexplainable in words.

I had my daily dose of Maplestory, which I am back into after a 4/5 month hiatus, although today has made me very lazy and I didn't stay on for no longer than 4 hours. I watched another series - Games of Thrones. This particular series was quite hard to get into as it all involves in medieval times. Bitches have tried to convince me that this series is the best one out there so far yet I still can't find myself into it. It was finally dinnertime and I was still watching Games of Thrones. By the end of the episode, I surprisingly dozed off for I don't know how long but I was really tired in that moment.

Constantly refreshing Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and what not is what I always do when I'm bored. So I decided to download The Shelter. My opinions on this movie - I thought it was a pretty decent film. It was really cute and I wanted to cry, just because it was too cute. I've just gotta say that Trevor Wright, the main protagonist of the film is really cute.

That's the end of it, xoxo